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4th-Nov-2009 11:02 pm(no subject)

My articles include LADY STARLIGHT, SKIN GRAFT, and DESIGNERS (Tia, Dress Nurse)!!! Not to mention Faith's amazing photography!
20th-Jun-2009 09:49 pm - Buffy vs. Edward
Okay despite my extreme aversion to looking at RPratz as anything but Cedric Diggory or looking at anything Twilight-related in general, this cracked my shit up. Rpratz, you are one creepy mofo. And all I have to say at the end is...."If Only."

14th-May-2009 12:31 pm - Save Dollhouse!
"Okay, here's how things shake out. On Friday, FOX asked Joss to come in and pitch a second season of Dollhouse. That's a very good sign. They wanted to know his plans.

Off the back of that, they're now negotiating towards a second season. Which is brilliant, actually.

If you want to make your voice heard about how much you want to see the show return, here's how:

CALL - Leave a voicemail on 310 369 3066 for Peter Rice, Chairmain of Entertainment @ FOX

EMAIL - askfox@fox.com

TWEET - Twitter @foxbroadcasting, point people towards this post

The official decision gets announced on Monday -- although, obviously, the decision is made before then -- and we'll have it here and on Twitter as soon as it's known. We're covering the upfront presentation so news shall be gushing that day."

So, even if you don't care about the show or watch it, there are SO MANY that do and so many who would be crushed by the lack of it for a second season. So, I'd love it if you could just send FOX an e-mail saying "Save Dollhouse!" That's all. :) I sent them 4 detailed e-mails, lol.

That's all!
12th-May-2009 08:17 pm(no subject)
I am very grateful for certain people who don't base their opinions on other people's opinions of me and get to know me themselves.

A message I received from an LJ friend I rarely talk to, oddly enough, made me feel world's better about everything. Lol, I feel silly saying it, but I lost a number of people I enjoyed talking to over their wrongful opinions of me and not attempting to understand my side of things. Not that I'm really surprised.

I understand people have to stand behind their closer friends when these things happen and take sides, but I'm very grateful to those who don't and make up their own minds. And especially to those people who don't meddle.

Thank you to these people.

Also, Missy is one of the most intelligent people I know and I am grateful for the way she stands up for me during internet drama, even if it appears silly and ridiculous (and immature as people love to say) to those who don't know her personally. During internet drama, the only way to really behave is silly and ridiculous because it's internet drama. (And I love Walter, Lauren, and Ashley too--just for the hell of it. ;] )

Okay time to finish my take-home final. I feel an all-nighter coming on with my 7:30 AM final.
22nd-Apr-2009 12:01 am - Happy 21st Birthday, Lauren!!! 8D
Glamour Shot Giles & S&B gif invite you intobloodysakuraLauren's 21st Birthday land....

3rd-Mar-2009 12:39 am(no subject)
Sooo, I've started my Buffy re-watch.

And I made a blog for it so you all don't have to listen to my silly rants.


Sooo, follow it if you want. I promise it will be entertaining! :D

And it won't just be Buffy, it'll be all things Whedon, basically~ I'm probably going to put up Dollhouse reviews, Season 8 comic reviews, and whatever else strikes my fancy! So, check it out! :D I put up the first review for the first two episodes of Buffy. ^^
13th-Feb-2009 04:31 pm - DOLLHOUSE TONIGHT!!!
Message from your friendly neighborhood Joss Whedon obsessed gal:



Srsly, ppl, give the show a chance. Eliza Dushku has explained that it takes a few episodes to really get into the show's flow and concept. That's how Joss' shows work. You can't base his work over a pilot (if we did that, who would have even watched Buffy or Angel or Firefly? XD). His work is developed over several episodes and gradually gets more and more AWESOME.

That is all.

Plz watch. I don't want another awesome show possibility to get canceled. D:

Also, Lady GaGa's music video for LoveGame is out.
11th-Jan-2008 01:52 am(no subject)
This has nothing to do with my last emo-filled post. For which I am already feeling better. :P



city_of_green city_of_green city_of_green

Plz to be joining now?
Or applying now?

Kaybye. :D
25th-Oct-2007 10:38 pm(no subject)
Sabrina and I won Best Presentation in Japanese class! Hell yes. 8D

I felt more prepared for the Legal & Ethical Issues test today, but it was much harder. I hope I did all right. :S 7-8 hours of studying better have paid off.

In better news, tonight was the Karaoke Workshop!

I made a fool out of myself by singing "Cutie Honey" by Koda Kumi with Iwashita-sensei, Numata-sensei, and Ikeda-sensei. XD *dork* And then later me, Amanda, Iwashita-sensei, Numata-sensei, and Abbie sang "The Peace" by Morning Musume. Hahahaha. And yes, I was forced to dance for both of those. It was silly and hilarious. 8D

Kanji quiz tomorrow. Luckily I know half the kanji by accident. Gotta memorize "yasai" and "ryori" and "zairyo" though. Easy enough, but my brain doesn't want any more knowledge forced into it.
21st-Oct-2007 11:20 am - RPG Pimping!
I am going to pimp for myself and for Duckie & Linda

I made a Whedonverse [Buffy, Angel, Firefly] RPG that is looking for many characters! It's set in Season 5 of Buffy, Season 2 of Angel, and mid-Firefly. So, if anyone's interested, go here: Worlds Collide

Taken: Buffy, Willow, Spike, Cordelia, Wesley, Lorne, Lilah, Mal, Inara, Kaylee, River, and Zoe.

Soo, MANY more still available! Please check it out if you're interested! :]

And my lovely RP ladies Duckie & Linda have a post Season 7 Buffy, mid Season 5 Angel RPG in need of some more members, too! CrossRoads

These RPG's are both on GJ and full of amazingly talented writers and awesome peoples.

/end pimping.

I'm off to work. Lame desu.
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